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married! vendor reviews (long)

Hi ladies! Here are my vendor reviews (finally, over a month later haha). Thank you so much for all of your advice and help over the last year! I've really enjoyed reading your bios and reviews. Hopefully these will be helpful to someone. Sorry for the length!

Flowers - Happy Flowers in Lake Wales, FL: B+
The owner was friendly and gave me a very fair price. My bouquet turned out really pretty; however, I was a little disappointed with the bridesmaids' bouquets. I asked for pink roses and white tulips. He tried to dye white roses pink, so only the tips of the white roses were pink (instead of all pink like I wanted). I would still recommend him.

Cake - Sweet Expressions Bakery in Valrico, FL: A
I really think my cakes turned out exactly how I wanted, and they tasted great. Jenn was nice to work with, and the cakes arrived on time.

DJ - Rhythm Makers DJ in Valrico, FL: C-
Ricky was disorganized at times, and even rude. Even after being sent information over email, he would claim that he didn't have it, or that I never sent it. I had to search for my own songs online for my ceremony and send them to him as mp3 files since he didn't carry the songs. He didn't play our recessional song from the chorus, like I asked. THEN, during our reception, he didn't make sure my husband was in the room before stopping everything to do the garter toss. I was left on the dance floor alone, looking stupid. To top it off, he played the "Barney and friends" song for our guests who caught the garter and bouquet. Completely and utterly embarrassing. I gave him a playlist and a "do not play" list but didn't think I would have to include a children's tv theme song. Plus, he didn't play many of the songs we requested, or if he did after being reminded, it was the techno remix version. He was affordable, but I would not recommend him.

Catering - FFA Leadership Training Center: A
Our food for our rehearsal dinner and reception tasted wonderful. The caterer accommodated my grandparents' special diets and many of our guests commented on how good the food was. We were really pleased with the caterer. The chef and catering staff were very nice!

Venue - FFA Leadership Training Center: (prior to the wedding) A, (wedding day) C
I am giving our venue two different grades. The coordinator Evie was a dream to work with until the day of the wedding. Everything was organized and they told us we wouldn't have to worry about anything. They told us that staff would direct our guests to the ceremony site and drive them on golf carts. They told us (after seeing the hall and making a special request) that the cobwebs would be removed and the windows would be washed. They told us that they would set up the palm trees we ordered. None of this happened. My father was washing windows on the wedding day. Some of the trees for the ceremony were knocked over because they didn't provide the bricks to keep them up or set them up at all. The coordinator asked me, long after the ceremony was supposed to start, where I would walk out from (?!?!) as well as my bridesmaids. I kept telling her to start the ceremony and I didn't know what the hold-up was. We had a rehearsal there the night before! About 5 couples saw me in my dress before the ceremony because no one was directing guests from the parking lot. They didn't make sure my flowers were in the refrigerator when they arrived (they sat in a hallway for hours!) or that we had the flowers for the ceremony. It really seemed like none of the staff knew what was going on and people described it to me as "chaos" before the ceremony (nice). During one of our many meetings prior to the wedding, we asked if we should hire a day of ceremony coordinator. We were told that everything would be taken care of and that it wasn't necessary since that was part of their service. That is probably my biggest regret (not hiring one) but Evie gave us every reason to think we would be fine without one, since that was "her job." Other things... you have to use their caterer (which turned out fine), bring your own alcohol and use their bartender, and order linens though their contracted company (which are far more expensive than what I found).

Decorations - Affordable Party Creations in Bartow, FL: B
Jessie arrived over an hour late to the venue, didn't answer her phone, and didn't return my call on the wedding day. She didn't apologize for arriving late (and worrying me during the majority of my hair appointment that morning). Her centerpieces and ceremony decorations turned out nice, but the candles dripped everywhere (she told me she was going to put them in votive holders).

Officiant - Dr. Jim Thomas in Winter Haven, FL: A
Dr. Thomas was really nice to work with prior to the ceremony and on the wedding day. He was very affordable.

Wedding Photographer - Sivan Photography in Orlando, FL: A+
Sivan was by far our best vendor. We are so glad we hired her. She really paid attention to every detail of the day and captured it in her pictures. We received our sneak peek 4 days after the wedding and were thrilled with the results. Our edited pictures were promised 8-12 weeks after the wedding and we received them in 5 weeks. (Yay!) Both of our families are very happy with the pictures. We feel very lucky to have such creative evidence of our special day. We highly recommend her!! (Plus, she is very professional and just a sweet, hard-working person!)

Bridal Dress & Bridesmaids' Dresses - David's Bridal at Millenia: B
After a bad experience on my first visit to try on dresses, I had to request a different consultant. My new consultant, Sandra, was nice to work with and patient with me as I made my decisions. I was annoyed that she told me my #1 pick for the bridesmaid dress came in my color, all my girls tried it on and loved it, and THEN we found out that it did not come in the color. We had to choose a new dress. Of course 2 months after all the dresses arrived, the original dress we wanted started being made in my color. As far as my dress, I loved it and still do!

Alterations - Jeanine the Seamstress in Orlando, FL: A
Jeanine was very affordable, polite, and nice to work with. She added a bustle to my dress and kept it clean. I would definitely recommend her. She will come to your house for alterations appointments.

Invitations - Michael's: B
The glue on the envelopes didn't stick, so we had to use double-sided tape to seal them. Plus, the size of the envelope is just 1/4" bigger than the cut-off for the 61 cents stamp, making the invitations $1.49 each to send (including the RSVP).

Save-the-Dates, signs, and photo-sharing cards - Vistapint: A
We love how these turned out, and you can't beat the price (free!). We only paid shipping.

Hair - Envy Salon in Davenport, FL: A
Erica worked very hard on my hair and I think it turned out exactly like I wanted. It lasted all day, too! However, one curl refused to stay and fell flat/straight. (Oh well)

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    I also used Sivan and got married about a month ago...when did you get married?  She was really great to work with, her work is amazing and very creative.  One of the best vendors I worked with!!
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    ruby--My wedding was on March 12th. I think I saw your photos on her blog, too! I completely agree with you! :)
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    After reading this, I'm glad I didn't go with the FFA Center...that was my second choice, even though it was expensive. I liked that she said the chef could do vegan food, which is why I really wanted to go there.  But since Lake Ashton in Lake Wales was way cheaper for the venue rental price, I am going with that one.  I guess I am going to be stuck bringing my own portion of food for my wedding though =/ 


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    I went onto the Vistaprint website and could not find out how to get the save-the-date's free. How did you get this deal?
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