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Has anyone heard of them? Any good reviews or bad?
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    If you are referring to Visions Media, USA located in Orlando Fl please read the following post below, from myself - I wish someone would have warned me! I am trying to spread the word on how this company treats their customers.

    DO NOT USE VISIONS MEDIA! As I was planning my wedding and selecting my vendors I thought I had found a gem when I came across Visions Media...to me it was like "wow...I can get all the things I wanted AND it meets my budget" - well all that would have been great had I received my wedding video.


    Everything prior to my wedding was a breeze; Visions Media was a pleasure to work with and easy to get in touch with for last minute changes/questions. BUT once they had their money and my wedding had passed all conversation basically ended on their part. In my contract it stated that I was to have my video within 12wks of submitting my photos/music used for the dvd - well, I was married in September of 2011 and submitted all of my songs/photos to them early December of 2011; so you do the math.........how late are they!? To make matters worse I have been trying to contact them NUMEROUS times to get answers as to why they have breached their contract and why no one in their office even bothers to follow-up with me to explain what has happened. Instead, 9 times now they have strung me along with a new "date" in which I should expect to have my DVD. They have even recently gone to the extreme of promising to ship the DVD and sending me a label number for USPS.com - which anyone who has sent out a package knows that does not show anything of them sending it out until it is actually picked up and a tracking number is then provided.


    What hurts the most is they filmed something I cannot re-create and something I wanted to watch and something I wanted to show my children one day - but they took that away from me, my husband and our families; even worse they made me feel like a complete fool by believing all of their lies as to when I was to "expect" my wedding video. Had they lost my video or something terrible happened - they could have told me that when it first happened and not strung me along! I keep staying positive that they have it; but I am left to not know what to really believe.


    Every time I call and leave a message they NEVER call me back (last call I actually got from them was right before the wedding to set up a time to go to their office for a final meeting), I send emails - those go with no response back, and most recently I have had to take to their Facebook page where my post was removed and now blocked from writing the truth on their wall so that no other couples/brides/parents have to go through this.


    Trust me when I say this - choose another vendor. Choose someone who doesn’t just take your money and give you lie after lie. Choose someone who doesn’t ignore your calls or call you from a "unknown" or "blocked" phone number, and choose someone who yes may cost a little more - but in the end at least you know you will get your beautiful wedding video of your special day.


    As an up-to-date: I contacted them after they had promised to ship out my DVD (that day came and went like usual and of course there was no follow-up on their behalf - SHOCKER) and left a voicemail, my mother emailed them asking what happened to the tracking number that was promised, and I myself emailed them via Facebook..........TWO days later - still nothing! 

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