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Did anyone use online RSVPS? I still plan to include a RSVP card, but I was toying with the factor of having the RSVP online for those internet-savy users...Or would it be confusing to have an RSVP card and the ability to RSVP online? 


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    We're using online rsvp's but haven't sent out our invites yet, so I can't tell you yet how it's working out. We also did online STD's and I had two people confirm their attendance just after receiving that. I think for most people it won't be a big deal. We also included our phone number so people can call to RSVP if they aren't down with the internet stuff. I just figure I'll probably end up calling to check on a bunch of people's rsvp status anyway, so a few more due to no card won't bother me. But including a card and giving them the online option shouldn't be confusing. I wouldn't think so, anyway. :)
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    I'm doing the same thing as Alyssa- online and phone RSVP's. If you do online and mail, I would just make sure you have a good master spreadsheet to track them all, just in case someone happens to do both.
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