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Shingle Creek Resort

Has anyone gotten married there? If so, may I ask what the prices you were charged for ROOM rates... I am looking online and I don't know...it doesn't look to me like there is much of a discount for booking a wedding....

I was told that it would be (verbally) around (give or take) 129-149 pp/per night +tax.... but the contract has 159...

I looked on their website and it looks like their room are around 220 +/- pp/per night
and when I type in dates on Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Bookit.com - I am seeing prices as low as 202/ night...

I know that 159 is still cheaper than 202, but I just wanted to verify if anyone recently got their rooms cheaper, if so how....

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    The rates vary, it looks you are getting married in February. That is peak convention season so that is a very good rate. I stayed there for a conference and it was over 200/person. It is a beautiful hotel, a 4 diamond property - so I don't think you are going to find someone else on the boards saying that got $99 rates or anything.
  • I don't expect to get the room for $99. or anything, but something extra would be good. They are telling me to reserve rooms now because they are having a convention and there are only a certain number of rooms left. Maybe they are telling me 100% the truth...then again, maybe not.... Yeah, I don't trust all that well, granted but I shouldn't feel pressured before I even spend any money......

    I can't get something for my guests for free? Free Valet? Something extra? $10. more off my rooms for my guests.. I will be spending enough money (we aren't talking about a $10K wedding here....)

  • I used to work at a hotel and be an assistant to a group manager at a smaller hotel near Disney.

    Its hard to believe with all the hotels in the area, that hotels sell out. But they do all the time -especially the hotels with the large conference areas. Even on Valetine's week, its not big for conferences and such where outside people register and come, but companies having their own conventions book cause it is cheaper that week.
  • I am getting married there in June, and because it is a large concention center/hotel, they do have a lot of events there and they can sell out.  The 159 I believe is the standard group room rate, because that is the group rate that I was given for my guests.
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