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Budget Venue Advice!

Hello exited brides to be!  I was married in Sept 09 and relied heavily on this board for a lot of great advice so I'm turning to you again.

My husband is turning 30 and I want to have a surprise birthday for him but it needs to be on a budget.  Since it's been a while since I did my wedding planning to you guys have any advice on great places to host a party?  I want indoors and we'll serve dinner and get a dj.

I've looked at Cypress Grove park, the tap room at dusbdread, and winter park.  Anywhere else you can think?  Being able to provide alcohol our own is a plus.

And who is a good budget caterer?


Re: Budget Venue Advice!

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    I have posted this a couple of times on here, but I will share it again because I cant believe the affordability of the venue.  I am on a VERY tight budget for my wedding, we are paying for the whole thing ourselves and I am a student at the moment.  We needed REALLY affordable. 

    I suggest 310 lakeside overlooking Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando.  There is also a location in Winter Park.  Beautiful private banquet room, delicious gourmet meals and great prices.  Im doing a brunch which includes the banquet room, the patio for the ceremony, all the food and a coordinator for $16/pp.  Dinner would be about $30/pp.  Drink prices there are very affordable too and they have a nice bar.  Check the pics here: http://orlando.perfectweddingguide.com/wedding-vendors/310-restaurants-28446/

    Menu info/pricing here:
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    Check out Tuxedo Catering for a budget caterer, they have a list of venues that they have used too, so that could help you narrow down a location. They can do themed events too.
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