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Another weather post... Not happy!

So I am getting married May 22 outdoors in beautiful Central Florida.... Just one problem.  I checked the farmers almanac and it says "20th-23rd. Showers along Gulf Coast into Florida, then clearing." What to do?! I am sure that I have started worrying way to soon but seriously I think this is close to every brides outdoor wedding nightmare...

The ceremony location is going to be in this beautiful koi pond garden.  I think it is too large and akwardly shaped to cover with a tent for 200 people....
(taken in the winter... It looks way better now)

Really the only other "plan b" we have it do to it in the reception hall...

I guess this post was more of a vent but any advice is appreciated.


Re: Another weather post... Not happy!

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    Farmer's almanac isn't always accurate and many brides have said so.

    My advice to you is to just think of a rainsite, and then dont stress too much about it! That's so funny because May 22nd was my original date and I picked it because it is in between FI and I's birthdays (mine in January his in July) and then had to change it because family members and whatnot wouldn't be able to make it. 

    Now i'm getting married July 10, in the middle of hurricane season and getting married outdoors as well! I have NO rainsite and just like you the only other option is to either have a tent or have it in the reception hall...i dont know what to do, but im not going to stress about it. I'll let the Man upstairs take care of it all, and hope for the best!

    Moral of the story: Do what's in your power to do (i.e. ask info about tent, etc) and then just wait and see what happens! 
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    I agree with PP.  I'm getting married May 21st.  We decided on an indoor wedding at FI's parent's church, and found the perfect little hall for indoor reception as well...BUT...we want most of our pictures to be on the playground at the church...at sunset...so I'm hoping for sunny weather!!!  I too looked at the almanac...but I looked as years past too...weather was usually nice and little rain if any.  Besides...this is Florida...the weather ppl are almost NEVER right until the day of...and the rain that is supposed to come in in 3 days always comes a day early or 3 days late, lol!  Just do what you can, and check into a plan b location.

    Another option I was thinking of doing in case of rain if we had had an outdoor ceremony....buy a HUGE umbrella (color of your choice) for you and groom and officiant...and provide a basket with several "dollar" umbrella's for your guest and maybe give your wedding party inexpensive umbrellas as part of their gift...just in case.  It would make for a magical, unforgettable wedding...and different!  Just a thought!
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