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Help! Need a bridal shower location please :-)

Hi Ladies! I am a NH knottie, but I am a bridesmaid for my best friend who is getting married in January. I am in need of some suggestions for a shower location. She lives in Davenport, so we are looking for the Orlando area. Her wedding is small, and the shower will have about 25-30 guests. I would love a place that I could bring food into, but a place that caters or a restaurant would be fine too. Just looking for some place nice =)


Re: Help! Need a bridal shower location please :-)

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    When I looked at Casa Feliz in Winter Park they said that many bridal showers are held in the small room off the main house but I don't know the rental cost for that.
    There is also a tea room, Trish's Teas in Baldwin Park, but I don't know how many people it can hold.
    You could call restaurants and see if you can use their private room. Brio in Winter Park Village has a curtain system to make a private room, Buca De Bepo has a private room, 310 Park South on Park Ave in Winter Park has a curtain system too. There are a bunch of restaurants, I can't think of all of them.
    Good luck!
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    Skip Trisha's Teas it just closed unless they moved.
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    oh then jk about Trish's! haha I guess it shows I haven't been home in a while!
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    We just held an adorabe shower at Cafe TuTu Tango :)
    What about a small art gallery? There are lots of gallery options in the Central Florida area... gives your shower personality, and you don't have to decorate! Depends on the bride, I guess! :)
    Also... what about at a make-your-own-wine place? There is one in Deland, FL where you can all make wine to serve at the wedding, or for the bride and groom to keep with your own 'private label'.
    Good luck finding your perfect place!
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