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Omni Championsgate, Reunion Resort, Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes (Orlando, FL)

Hi everyone!

I have visited the above three sites for our upcoming wedding, and I am curious as to anyone's experiences with one, two, or all of them. Any honest opinions, thoughts, feelings, etc. would be appreciated.


Re: Omni Championsgate, Reunion Resort, Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes (Orlando, FL)

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    Looks like I might be answering mutliple questions for you, haha.

    Omni is really lovely. It's definately got the resort-y feel. The food is great, but you will obviously paying a bit at any of these options, which I am sure you have already considered.

    I haven't been to the reunion resort, so I can't help you there.

    The Ritz Grand Lakes- I was actually there last week. It really isn't my taste, personally. It is a little to stuffy for me. They have a gorgeous view, yet their ballrooms have no windows through which you can look at it, which bothers me. There are huge upsides to this hotel, though. The spa between the Ritz and the JW is fabulous, so you can have a day of relaxation before the wedding which is nice. Your guests can stay at the Ritz or, JW will give you rates for $139/night, which is super reasonable and walking distance for guests who aren't so keen on the Ritz's prices. The photo ops around there are really quite beautiful.

    What kind of feel are you goinig for? There are so many venue options in the Orlando area. Also, when are you getting married?
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    We got married at the Ritz Carlton (we're celebrating our 1 year anniversary soon!!) and it was an incredible venue.

    We had a small destination wedding and once I saw the wedding gazebo, I knew that was where I wanted to get married. The staff are second to none and will help you every step of the way. We got the wedding package which was so effortless and perfect.

    I didn't find it stuffy at all, but I'm from the UK and love luxury, marble and extravagance. There are so many great places for photo opps, I definately would give the Ritz-Carlton as many stars and thumbs up as possible, it's a great venue.

    My weebly site for our wedding is here -

    Good luck with your choice!!

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