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I'm the MOH for my sister's Nov. wedding in Orlando and we've been trying to find somewhere we will be able to buy fresh flowers in bulk the day before the wedding to be arranged in the centerpieces. I've heard of people doing this and saving a lot of money this way but we don't know of any good places we can trust to be able to purchase a variety of flowers. Someone mentioned the Winter Park Farmer's Market on Saturday's has flowers, anyone know from experience about there?


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  • I ordered calla lilies online from wholeblossoms.com. I got them on Tuesday for my Friday wedding.  They were beautiful and still looked good when I left for my honeymoon on Sunday.  There are a ton of online flower wholesalers.  I also know someone who used 50flowers.com and was really happy with them.  I was very happy with my price and the quality of my flowers.  I got a ton of compliments.  
  • As far as I know, there is not a wholesale flower market open to the public in Orlando. There is a wholesaler, but anyone can't buy there. I was able to order bunches of spray roses and baby's breath from Publix (grocery store) for $4 a bunch. You could probably have them order something for you as long as it is something they have access to (daisies, carnations, roses, lillies). 
  • If it's a Saturday wedding I wouldn't try to buy flowers that morning. That seems like way too much work and hassle.

    I did my own flowers and they were fake. You could not tell and for what I needed them for, it was perfect for me. If not, I'd order online.
  • Thank you for the suggestions (I'm the sister/bride)! Our wedding is on a Sunday so I'm planning to get it done Friday/Saturday...I had a friend do the same thing and it worked out beautifully.
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    you can order bulk roses from Sam's- that's what we're doing.
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