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Best Man/Father of the Groom gift

My fiance's Dad is going to be his Best Man. We're trying to think of something to get him as a thank you. Please help...I need ideas. 

Re: Best Man/Father of the Groom gift

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    Is he a sentimental guy?  I did this for my dad, but I think it would work great for the father of the groom too depending on their relationship and I'm assuming they're really close if he's the best man.  I got an engraved frame from ExclusivelyWeddings.com that held 2 5x7 photos.  Under one, I had my birthdate engraved and put in a picture of my dad holding me the day I was born.  Under the other, I had the wedding date engraved and he will put in a picture of the two of us from the wedding (for now it has a poem I found on line).  Across the top of the frame it said "always daddy's little girl" but you could leave that blank or engrave something else

    my dad isnt a very emotional guy, but he got all teary when I gave it to him

    My other suggestion - maybe tickets for the two of them to go to a sporting event or something?

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    What about cufflinks/tuxedo studs set?  Have the cufflinks monogrammed with his initials on it something?  You can find some great looking sets online for reasonable prices.  We would always have the set and would be able to wear it on the wedding day
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