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Walima Planner- Chicago

So I'm having a HUGE problem in finding a walima planner in Chicago that I can trust. I'm not all that keen on paying huge amounts of money to a mainstream wedding planner and having them research an Islamic wedding reception. I'm a recent convert so my knowledge of Muslim weddings is slim to none :( Any suggestions?!

Re: Walima Planner- Chicago

  • shawwal6shawwal6 member
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    To be honest with you, you should do the research and then either plan your wedding yourself or hire a mainstream planner.

    There are basics you should research about the Nikaah ceremony and the is important for you as a Muslima to be well versed in the regulations, sunnah, and guidance on the marriage process and celebrations. 

    There are many great quick read books and has some quick little articles.  To be honest with you, all the other stuff is cultural.  The sunnah of the walimah is quite simple. 
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