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any persian/arabic singers or bands??

My fiance is persian and I am syrian. I am trying really hard to incorporate both of our cultures into the wedding but I don't know what to do about the music! I could get a DJ which I think would be great but my mom and fiance really want a band. Trouble is, where can I find a band or a singer that would cater to both the arabs and the persians in the party? If anyone can help, I would be truly grateful!!!

Re: any persian/arabic singers or bands??

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    persian bands - the black cats located in california will travel. they do a lot of english and middle easter songs, very fun and lively but costly.
    so will the persian singer Andy. of course to travel with their people, airfaire and fees it will be expensive.

    there are basic persian singers this webiste may be of help to you, although the site is geared towards NY.

    best of luck and congratulations!! all the best!!
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