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A Christian with food questions

My husband and i are renewing our vows in 2wks. We just found out that 2 ogf the guest will be Muslim. We aren't using a caterer. We re getting food made at a local super market. All I knew was that Muslims couldn't eat pork. I just now gooled Muslim diet and I'm confused. I don't no of any place in my city, Louisville, KY, that makes Halal food. We are having fried chicken (wings and legs), green beans, and potatoe salad. They store uses vegetable oil to cook the chiken and we are haing some of the green beans mad without pork. The thing is that I have no ideal how the chicken was sluaghterd. I'm guessing that the blood had to be drained out. Do Should I get another meat or is the chicken ok. Is chocolate and yellow cake ok. I'm not sure if they use vanilla extract or not. Everything on google keeps giving me different answers about if vanilla is ok to eat or not. Some say not vanilla at all and other say a small amount is ok. 


Re: A Christian with food questions

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    If you dont know about the slaughtering then dont worry about it, the slaughtering is that it should have been slaughtered by the neck and let the blood drain out. Just dont have pork or pork by products like jello which has pork fat in it and it should not be a problem.
  • HinajHinaj member
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    I would just make sure there is a vegeterian dish, if they are not comfortable with the chicken.  Like pasta or something. 
  • JosieshsJosieshs member
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    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Thanks for the info.
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    also just make sure the chick is not cook in lard....most american born muslims r not strickly halal...because its hard to find  alway in this country..kosher is fine...choolate with yello cake is fine...as long as the cake is not baked with lard or aminal bi-products...u'll b ok...im muslm from nj...been one all myife....
    Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)said:"Nikah(marriage)is my Sunnah. He/She who shuns my Sunnah is not of me.?
  • chaudhryschaudhrys member
    edited December 2011
    Kudos for you in caring so much about a few guests. 

    The easiest option if you don't know the guests well (as in if they eat halal or not, or how stictly they keep it) would be just to have a vegetarian option available to them. Many people who keep halal, say kosher is ok, but some do not.  THere is a LOT of gray areas in this issue.

    The vanilla issue usually comes down to the alcohol in the vanilla extract, but it essentially gets burned away.  However, again, some people are very literal in their interpretations. . It would be very hard to avoid vanilla completely, although i suppose if you did, you would be healthy having to avoid all those baked goods : ). 
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