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Interfaith Imam in NYC?

Hi Everyone,

My fiance and I are an interfaith couple - I am Muslim and he is Jewish. We will be having a Muslim ceremony, but are having a very difficult time finding a Muslim Imam willing to marry us. There is debate on whether a Muslim female can marry outside of the faith, but we know there are interfaith Imams out there! We have found some non-religious officiants who can include aspects of a Muslim wedding in our ceremony. Unfortunately, my parents are conservative and want a practicing Imam, respected by the community to officiate. This has been the most challenging aspect of the wedding for us and we desperately need to find someone. Anyone know of an interfaith Imam in NYC or surrounding areas?

Thanks so much!

Re: Interfaith Imam in NYC?

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    As far as I know your search wont be found.. at least in this area. For Muslim women you are prohibitted from marrying anyone but a Muslim man so if your fiancee is not planning on converting for the wedding I really dont know how you will be married Islamically. you can married in city hall and legally. I don't think you will find a practicing respected Imam to marry the both of you as long as he is not a Muslim.
  • HinajHinaj member
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    Ditto PP.  Unfortunately, I don't think an Imam will be willing to marry you until your FI converts, as far as I know.
  • Rushmi_JasonRushmi_Jason member
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    We were in a similar predicament, although FI was a non-practisign christian and did not want to convert. My parents gave us hell, we talked to an Imam here (Austin, tx) and he said he woudl not be able to perform an islamic nikah ceremony until FI converts. We had a very hard time with that, because i do not believe it is right to ask soemone to chneg the reliogion they grew up with just in order to marry someone else. And it was my parents who were demanding him to convert, not even me! Well, we found Imam Khaleel Mohammed, his website is www.forpeoplewhothink.org. I believe he may be located in CA, but willing to travel to officiate. His argument is that if the 2 ppl respect each others religions and not force the other to convert, then why not? I completely agree, and what i thibk is uttwerly ridiculous is that just becasue the Quran was directed towards men at the time, and because it directly addersses that Musim men can marry women of the Book, that means its okay for Muslim men to marry non-Muslim women (without converting), but it is ASSUMED that Muslim women are forbidden to marry non-Muslim men!! Sorry for being so long, but I wish you guys the BEST of luck, please do not hesitate to contact me, and I really hope that you guy sar eable to work things out with your families without compromising your love for one another...I cannot imagine how hard it must be to convince your parents that u want to marry a jewish person;)
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    Will I encounted the same opposition to marry.  My finance is muslim and I am catholic.  I have agreed to marry in the muslim faith.  What is the best way to go about this?

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