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Hi ladies,

This isn't really related to weddings but thought you could all help me. My FI's family is muslim and I am of christian background.

I am very organized by nature and am finding it frustrating when my FI tells me that certain muslim celebratory events are taking place last minute. For example, it is EID on Sunday and he only told me this last night.

I realize it goes according to the Lunar calendar and its related to Ramadan as well but how did he not know this before last night????

I expressed my frustration to him but he interpreted it as me not wanting to participate which is NOT the case. I adore his family and love learning about his traditions and taking part of it. I just wish I knew ahead of time because now I've had to cancel on my own mother as we had planned to have lunch on Sunday together.

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    You sound just like my sister! Check out this site:

    She uses this site to determine a time frame for when Muslim religious holiday's are coming up as my brother in law NEVER remembers (we are Hindu). Like you said, the dates will vary each year because a lot of their holidays are based off of the moon.

    Hope this helps you out, and as my sister tells me, its not your fiance, it's just a guy thing! hahaha
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