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Two sects of Islam marrying

Hello fellow brides!

I am happy to see this board!  I am a sunni and my soon-to-be is an Ismali muslim.  We are both raised here.   We are having a very hard time finding and Imam that is willing to do our Nikah.  We both want a Nikah, we are both Muslim, but unfortunately many Imam's are just writing off our relationship due to the differences in practicing. 

Any guidance and help would be much appreciated!  I am located in FL!

Thank you!!!

Re: Two sects of Islam marrying

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    I suggest that you go to both types of Imam's and try to get married.

    Usually they will tell one of you to convert to the different sect or no marriage.

    Try finding a non denominational muslim mosque. I am guessing they will prepare your ceremony for you.
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  • rsugeirrsugeir member
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    Your right, most tell one person to convert, which is not something either of us think is necessary.  

    Non-denominational Mosque...i've never heard of that?  Anyone here have forward thinking Imam recommendations? 
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    saalams...i never heard of a Ismali muslim???....what are the differences between how u both practice the faith??? also fyi dana...there is no such thing as a non-demonational masjid...
    Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)said:"Nikah(marriage)is my Sunnah. He/She who shuns my Sunnah is not of me.?
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    Actually FYI, there is. Theres many in NY, California, and Orlando.

    Basically its a Masjid that preaches to all Muslims, not just Sunni and not just Shia.

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  • shawwal6shawwal6 member
    edited December 2011
    non-denominational masjid.  i actually have been to what i believe is one near my office.  having been raised in an outwardly orthodox/traditional sunni masjid, i prayed for the first time next to a shia' woman while attending friday prayers on lunch at this non-denom masjid. 

    so, they do exist.  i say look near universities.  key words usually are "progressive" try contacting Islamic Center of Southern California they may know people in other states. I know they have performed ceremonies between muslims of raised in different sects.

    inshallah kheir sister.

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