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Muslim Wedding

Hey ladies,

I need some advice. Insha'Allah I'm getting engaged actually end of June. Not my wedding, but Afghans have big engagements. Now my family is big Masha'Allah. And quite honestly i wanted something small. But of course everyone wants differnet things, and I actually didn't want dancing at the engagement because I feel like it's not a great way to start out with baraka. Everyone in my family thinks im crazy, that I'm not having dancing. They feel like it would be boring. Any suggestions as to what to have besides dancing??

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    you can read naats or qawaalis (sufi music) on the wedding. your family and friends can also prepare skits, or imitate you and your fiance to be (inshaAllah), it sounds more fun and gets all the guests involved. you can also tell jokes about being married or engaged, etc.
    hope it helps. good luck
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    Allah Hafiz
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    You could always have a seperate engagment and do women by themselves and men by themselves.. that way if you want to have dancing put islamic nasheeds or mawlads.. so its not uncomfortable or haram.

    I heard that classical piano is not haram either, so if you want you could have sort of a coctail reception and take pics and have only slow dancing to classical music.

    but then again, if you dont want any kind of dancing at all, i dont really know what to tell you :(
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    iu could have drumming, belly dancers....
    Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)said:"Nikah(marriage)is my Sunnah. He/She who shuns my Sunnah is not of me.?
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    Make videos of you and your fiance together. Or you could invite everyone to do skits, maybe even like a mini (not so evil) roast of the two of you.
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