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Hello I am planning a weddding for me an American Christian and my fiance a Palestinian Muslim. We have already had an Islamic ceremony and are married in Islam, we will not have the legal ceremony in either a church or mosque so at to not offend any guests. We are getting legally married in New Orleans and we have been discussing alcohol. I know that we are not to serve alcohol at the reception, so we have been discussing having the ceremony, while we are taking pictures with family those who would like to drink could go to an area with alcohol being served during this time and those who would not would go to an area with tea, coffee etc. I am not sure if we would be able to have a separate venue for the ceremony and reception however. Anyways any ideas, suggestions, or thoughts would be more than helpful! 

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  • My fiance is from Saudi, also Muslim. Alcohol is illegal there, so we won't be serving any alcohol at the reception. 
  • Alcohol is totally forbidden in Islam, so if you find it in your heart to not have any alcohol at all it would be best. But if you are absolutely insistent and your family wants to be able to drink that badly, then the alcohol cannot be stored next to any of the non-alcoholic goods. Haraam cannot be close to halal or the halal is no longer halal.
  • I am a, Muslim bride and have a Morman groom, but we have decided to not serve alcohol number one to not offend anyone and because it is actually cheaper not having to worry bout having a bar or buying anything like that. Since I am on a budget and since myself and my fiance don't drink we sort of planned it to our tastes in that sense with taking religious teaching into account if that makes sense. Anyway good luck to you and congrats on your wedding.
  • I am christian and my fiance is muslim, though I too am thinking of serving alcohol at the reception, I think it would be wiser if you didnt. 
    You could have non alcoholic wine or just exxplain the situation to your friends. It is not compulsory to have alcohol anyway so I wud just forgo it.

    My 95% of my wedding will be christian so thats why I've decided to serve just some wine for those who will go to the bar and request it.
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