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need help with ideas....

hello every1!
im not a bride, but i am a MOH and currently helping my bestie getting info about egyptian weddings. she is egyptian christian and i was wondering if anyone could give me more info. i got some but i wanna send as much as i can to her to help and start my MOH duties! =)

thanks to everyone!!
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Re: need help with ideas....

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    Hey, my best friend is Coptic Christian and got married last summer. As far as I know they're weddings are pretty "Western", apart from the more religious aspects, for example her church ceremony was really long. What exactly did you want to know?
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    Yep, I agree with Amiraa.  Actually, in Egypt ther are only a few things that separate a Copt wedding from a Muslim Wedding. 

    One thing I know is they both have for the most part....

    Henna Night the night before the wedding
    A khosha or throne...I have seen copt brides have it at the church or at the reception hall, same with muslim brides
    Big wedding procession with dancers and band
    White Dress
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    i am Egyptian and i can tell you that there is nothing diffrent in our weddings than  a western one. 
    maybe you can help her to pick her wedding dress, hair style and makeup. the design, theme of the wedding. i know my answer didn't help lol but good luck :)
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