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NWR hair covering idea

I am not Muslim, but my FI's mom is.  She wears hijab (long pants/skirt, sleeves past the elbow, high neckline, and covers her hair).  She has one bandana that she almost always wears over her head but everyone thinks it is ugly (including her).  It is navy with some odd white print on it.  Her husband (FI's dad) doesn't like it at all so whenever she goes out with him she just wears a baseball cap but I can tell she is not happy with how she looks.  She tries to look as fashionable / western as possible (like anyone you would see at the supermarket).

I was thinking about getting her some pretty bandanas or other hair coverings for Christmas.  However I don't know where to get these.  I also don't know the particular guidelines regarding hijab, only that women are supposed to cover their hair and bodies.  I'm worried that I will get her something that would be 7aram for her to wear.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I should be looking for and where I should get it?
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Re: NWR hair covering idea

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