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Tips for arabic / Egyptian Wedding ideas?

I would love to get some ideas / tips and suggestions for having an arabic / Egyptian wedding theme for my wedding.

does anyone know any bloggs, webistes, have any pictures or ideas how to create a magical day with a thousand and one night / romance by the nile theme?

ALL answeres are appreciated!

Re: Tips for arabic / Egyptian Wedding ideas?

  • chaunettachaunetta member
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    I'm looking too
  • shawwal6shawwal6 member
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    What are you looking for information on?

    When you say arabic wedding or egyptian wedding, are you marrying an egyptian or just want to have an egyptian style wedding?
  • Marlo AxtonMarlo Axton member
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    i wanna know too! I am an american marrying an Egyptian and I want the deco outside on the patio to feel very "egyptian"! Not sure what thats like...thinking of ordering some colored lanterns, placing some hookahs on the tables...but not sure what else! Any suggestions would be great! 

    We american marrying egyptian girls should get together and start a business! apparently there are a lot of us out there with the same ideas!Smile
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    I am looking for creative ideas too!

    Some that my FI and I have discussed using is the ring exchange (I love the way it is done!), maybe incorporating arabic script as design in our invitations, and having a more relaxed Dahab-style lounge/cocktail reception. 

    For food maybe using some Egyptian appetizers like stuffed grape leaves (waraq 3nib), tabouleh, etc. 

    I would say music is a key with Egyptian weddings, most of the celebrations I have attended have revolved around the dancing. There are a few dances they do with sticks but I don't know the name of them, but if you ask your FI I am sure they have seen it :)

    Oh and one thing we probably aren't doing is the zefha, it is the entrance of the bride and groom into the wedding. It is very cultural, but not really our style. But if you are looking for a traditional feel it is a great aspect. 

    That is all that I have for now. Would love to hear more!
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  • nmoshernmosher member
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    I can't believe how little information there is on this!  I am desperate for ideas but apparently I have more than the above people :-( So I'll share.
    We are getting married (nikah) in a small ceremony at my fathers house with immediate family (a tradition) but the next day we want the opulence and celebration of a reception with extended family and friends (the tradition is usually to wait months to plan or for a convenient time).  I was told that traditionally, the groom and his family would pick me up to escort me to the reception where we would be greeted with the zaffeh which could include a bellydancer.  We then sit in a kosha, a decorated raised alcove where the bride and groom are like king and queen over the festivities.  A buffet and large guest list are also traditional, and if you can then roasting a whole lamb is the way to go.  Rather than alcohol guests are served a sort of iced fruit punch.  The dancing is key with the traditional debkeh.  We are doing a number of these elements and modifying others.  We have written up info cards for our guests to read at their tables if they are interested "why did they do that?" explaining both the western and arabic tradition and why we chose the variation that we did.  My groom is Egyptian/Lebanese so I can't tell you exactly which country does what.
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