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DIY Asian-inspired invites

I just wanted to share my DIY Asian-inspired invites, which I'm super proud of given how many papercuts I got making them.  Tongue out  I wanted pocket invites in an Asian-theme but just couldn't find any I liked so I ended up designing and making my own.  After a whirlwind of embossing, stamping, cutting, folding, and glueing, here's my finished invites.

If anyone's interested, I have left over DYI goodies - asking $20.

Re: DIY Asian-inspired invites

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    Wow those are amazing!!! I love them very much!! I'm having an Asian Inspired wedding too! Cherry Blossoms are the main symbol through  out the wedding. I love your invites!! Beautiful and creative!! What else are you doing for your wedding?? Where are you having it? What are your colors?
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    Those are so beautiful!
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