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filipeno finance and I am not

I neep help.  My finance is filipeno and I am not. He would like to wear the traditional barong as well as his groomsmen.  But I am not sure what I should have my dad wear to walk me down the aisle?  He is not filipeno, and I think it might look funny putting him in a barong, but he cant very well wear a suit either....... has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas?? Please help!!


Re: filipeno finance and I am not

  • carmen9311carmen9311 member
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    First, it's Filipino. You may want to know that for the future. 

    Your dad should be fine wearing a tuxedo or suit. You are combining cultures so it is perfectly fine to mix up what the fathers wear. 
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    Why don't you check with your dad?  Maybe he would like to embrace his future son-in-law's culture by wearing a barong as well?  Otherwise, he'll be fine wearing a tuxedo or suit... My husband and his groomsmen all wore tuxedos but both of our dads wore barongs.
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    maybe you can have your dad's necktie, bowtie or vest be made in the same or similar fabric to blend in with the Filipino attire. After all, you are tying two cultures together. :)
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    I agree with pp, just ask your dad and see what he prefers.  My dad (who is white) always wears a barong because he finds it more comfortable than a suit & tie, so he wore one to walk me down the aisle.  My husband did not wear a barong, he and his groomsmen wore tuxes, but we also had our ring bearer wear a barong. 

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    I'm Filipino and Fiance is not.  FI and his GM are wearing barongs.  His dad is wearing a suit.  
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