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Chinese tea ceremony

Anyone doing the tea ceremony? I am wondering if it's OK to be wearing my white dress or whether I should be wearing my long red dress for the tea ceremony. It's after the wedding ceremony, so I'll still be in my white gown. Is there a preferred dress for this part?

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    Typically, a bride who chooses to do a traditional tea ceremony will choose a traditional outfit to go with it.  It's consistent that way.  But there's no reason why you can't do the tea ceremony in your white dress.  To me, It all matters how much you like the traditional outfit.
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    i'm doing a tea ceremony and will be changing into a traditional dress for it but then will change back into my wedding gown for dinner. i've seen brides wear their white wedding dress to do it too. i think it's fine either way.
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    I personally is changing to my qipao for the tea ceremony. I have seen pictures of brides wearing the white gown during the tea ceremony, too. 
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    I agree with junelley. I've seen brides in both IRL at weddings and in pictuers. I think it's up to you though. Personally, I'm changing into a cheong sam. I'd be afraid of spilling anything on my $$$ dress.
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