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Pae Baek Question

Hi all!

I'm wondering about variations on the Pae Baek. My FH is Korean-American (born in Seoul and immigrated here when he was 7) and is very American, he's very ambivalent about his culture (except for the food of course.. *sigh* men!) and I doubt he would wear the traditional dress. Is it really strange for me (whiter than white bread american girl) to wear a Hanbok and for him to wear a suit?

Everything I've learned so far about the Pae Baek is from this website:">
and I'd love to learn about different variations and traditions.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Pae Baek Question

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    My fiance is Korean and I'm blonde-hair-blue-eyed-American, but we're still planning to have a Pae Baek.  It will be a good symbol to his family and we're going to keep it small and private - not part of our wedding reception.  I think it will be the day before.

    We are both planning to wear hanboks - there is a place in NJ where you can rent them, I guess.  His Mom may bring me one from Korea, but my FI definitely doesn't want to own one for himself.  :) 

    I don't think it's strange for you to wear a hanbok and for him to wear a suit.  From what his family has told me, it's really about the bride becoming part of the groom's family so it sort-of makes sense in that way for you to be "more" of a participant than him. 

    Another great resource is search for pae baek on YouTube - found some good videos there.

    Let me know what else you find out! 
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    I am getting married in September 2011 and while my FI and I are both wearing hanboks,  (he's actually more Korean than I am and he's the Caucasian), I've seen Paebaek ceremonies where the groom was in a suit instead of a hanbok. My dad is refusing to wear one to our paebak stating that he did not have to wear one for his own wedding. I don't think it matters really and no one will know if its right or wrong because they are both right!
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    We are having the Paebaek Ceremony at the Reception site before the dinner. We are NOT wearing the traditional wedding hanboks, instead we purchased our own hanboks while he came and visited me in Korea. I am 100% Caucasian and my FI is Korean-American (both of his parents came from the Seoul area). I want to do this ceremony more than him. I've been told it will be okay, since he is still wearing a shade of blue for his hanbok. I, personally, don't want to wear the traditional wedding hanbok because it's too colorful for my taste. I have seen the ceremony while I've been in Korea, but I'm also unsure of what differences will come for our ceremony when I go back, State-side, in a few months.
    His father could care less if we did the ceremony, but his mother is extremely excited for me to embrace their culture. Our wedding is 10.22.2011.
  • Our daughter and fiance' will be having a paebaek ceremony before their rehearsal dinner. We need help with toasts that appropriate for the ceremony.
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