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European honeymoon on a budget?

FI and I went to Italy a few years ago, and I absolutely LOVED it!  So I would love to honeymoon in Europe.  But...it's expensive. :(  Anyone have any ideas on how to see Europe on a budget?  I'm thinking France, Spain and Greece are my top choices, but I'm open to suggestions!  TIA!

Re: European honeymoon on a budget?

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    I'm no expert on this, but the girls on the Nest travel board will *definitely* have great advice on this topic!  I'd hop over there to get more responses.  This board is much slower than theirs. 
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    I'm looking at some travel packages right now for our Paris honeymoon. Group travel packages can be cheaper since groups get discounts on things like even tickets and hotel room blocks. <- I did this when I went to Germany and Prague and it was awesome.

    Go in the off-season if you can, which is usually fall and winter.

    Sign up for deals on websites like kayak, airfarewatchdog or tripadvisor. They'll send you emails with good deals on plane tickets.
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    Self catering apartments! Means you can eat meals in rather than out. I've often just stationed myself in one major city (like London) and done trips out from there.
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    A girl on my local went to France and stayed in a condo they rented. I can't think of the name of the website she used but she said it was great and saved them a ton of money
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    I've been researching and it seems that if you want to save money, it's best to pick one place to go and stay there.  Moving around via train, plane etc can get expensive!  
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    Try www.gate1travel.com. They offer some really great packages on hotel & flights!!  Good luck!
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