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I love your invitations!  Can you tell me how you worked with belletristics to make them?  Which parts did you DIY and which was professional?  Any advice before I embark on a similar project?
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    Hello! So glad you liked them! They are my greatest art project EVER. No really, I'm very proud of them because DIY is usually not my thing.

    Belletristics was SO easy to work with. I sort of drew out what I wanted by hand, like with a pen and paper and not very artistic at all, and scanned and sent it to her. She came back with like 5-6 different layout suggestions and we went from there.

    She sent me PDF files for all of the files. I got a lot of inspiration from some of her standard invitation suites on which inserts I wanted and fonts I liked. I have a friend that works at a print shop, so I brought the files there for printing and cutting. I ordered the pocketfolds from and did all the glueing and assembling myself. I also purchased little gemstones from Michael's and glued a tiny bit of bling on the bottoms of the chandeliers.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me!

    julieandalbert at gmail dot com
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