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Fonts that support Vietnamese characters?


Hi ladies!  I am DIY my own invitation and wanted to ask fellow Vietnamese brides if you know any fonts that support Vietnamese characters.  I know Times New Roman and Arial does but they're so ordinary for an invitation!  These are the characters the font needs to support:





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Re: Fonts that support Vietnamese characters?

  • BoxOfRocksBoxOfRocks member
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    You might have to download some free ones off the Web, and also download the free support packs from the Microsoft Office site.
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    I'm having the same problem!  I'm trying to get a modern look using sans serif fonts in all small caps.  My invitation is in English, Viet, and German, but the Vietnamese panel keeps giving me lower case letters to accomodate the tonal markings.  I hope someone answers this thread!!
  • clearheavensclearheavens member
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    Update!  Some American graphic designers who have worked with Vietnamese brides before pointed me to this website:

    There are 3 types: publishing, display, script.  Click on one of the 3, then click on the flashing "download," and install the UVN fonts you want.

    I fell in love with a font that did not have Vietnamese characters.  So what my graphic designer did was still go with that font, but picked a UVN font in the same family, and used UVN font (for the letters I needed) with the font I liked.  It was practically seamless!  I could not tell for the life of me that it was two different fonts.  It worked out great.
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  • MissAngelMissAngel member
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    Also for some that only had the large caps with the accents, I just used those and made it smaller... I think the difference would be 3 points... so if your capital letters are a "12" point, then the smal cap would be a "9" font... test it out first, because I can't remember exactly.
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    I used and their prices were so low that I did not even need to DIY it!
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    My graphic designer added the Vietnamese dau manually, as if she were drawing them in, and it turned out PERFECT.  The designer is Lucia Hale based in Athens, Ga. 
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