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Multiple Gowns

Who's sticking to Chinese tradtion by wearing more than 1 outfit. I'm planning on wearing three.

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    I'm not sure if it's just a Chinese tradition - I wore two outfits :)

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    I am planning on wearing a traditional Vietnamese dress and a white wedding dress
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    i'm not sure yet. i will wear a white dress for the church ceremony and was considering changing into a chinese dress for the tea ceremony that we will have right before the reception. but i wouldn't want to wear the chinese dress through the reception so i would change back into the white dress or get a cocktail dress. so it seems like too much changing to me. i hear that your wedding day is such a blur anyways that i don't want to complicate it by running off to change all the time. then again when else do i have a chance to wear 3 fabulous outfits in one day : ) so undecided.
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    I'm starting with the tea ceremony in my Vietnamese dress. Cermoney at the wedding in my white dress.  Most of the reception in my white dress.  When we walk around the tables greeting everyone (and collecting envelopes), I will be back in my Vietnamese dress.  I would love to have three dresses but I definitely can't fit that in my budget.
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    Like teetooshort, I also have a Vietnamese Catholic wedding.  But I'll be wearing 4 outfits!  Yeah, I know crazy, but that's the way it works in my family.  My mom will be wearing at least 2.

    So the morning of the tea ceremony, I'll be wearing a white ao dai.  Afterwards, I'll be wearing my white dress to Mass.  Then while greeting each table and collecting envelopes, I'll be wearing a red ao dai.  Then for dancing, I'm undecided whether I'll be wearing a multi-colored dress or just a train, simple, white dress.  Part of me wants it to be multi-colored because I'm such an extroverted, loud person, but part of me says, "You only get to wear white once!"
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