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Japanese weddings??

My fiance is half Japanese and I would like to incorporate a few traditions into our wedding but don't know where to start. His father is Japanese but they haven't spoken in years, so me asking this side of the family is a no-go. I want to include the 1,000 cranes but that's all I have so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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    Maybe a Sake Ceremony? 
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  • I'm half Japanese as well, so I'm adding the sake ceremony.  I really like what it represents, the joining of the families.  Although, I haven't gotten that far in the planning yet.  Just a vague idea. 
  • Well... Japanese weddings in Japan are widely Westernized now, unless you go the traditional route.  Usually the reception is mostly speeches and conversation over a meal/drinks with no dancing/games.

    Instead of throwing the bouquet a many ribbons are tied around the bouquet for single (female) guests to pull.  The person who ends up with the lucky ribbon tied around the bouquet gets the bouquet.

    Here's a site with some Japanese-American ceremony ideas, including sharing sake:
  • I'm half Japanese (nissei) and my fiance's grandmother had kokeshi doll cake toppers custom made by this Etsy artist:

    Being half Japanese I really appreciated the gesture. Even though they're not true kokeshi dolls the idea behind the concept was very touching and the artist makes each cake topper custom to what the bride and groom will be wearing on their wedding day. Mine is wearing a kimono painted in the same colors as my wedding kimono.

    Another Japanese wedding tradition is to have a bunch of sushi, Inari to be specific, served to your guests at the reception. Sushi is also traditionally a food only served for ceremonies and celebrations in Japan.

    Hope that helps :)
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