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Indian caterer - Moghul caterer is a bad person

So just a message to all indian brides out there as to what kind of people run this business. my wedding was cancelled due to hurricane Irene - 8/27/11 the most stressful traumatic day of my life. i was notified 2 days before the date. All of the other vendors had no problem refunding my money EXCEPT MOGHUL CATERERS.
This was a state of emergency in NJ. Ofcourse they will file an insurance claim and be compensated for thier food/business expenses and loss of income. So why then are they charging me? =( Theives.

Btw - don't be fooled by the moghul food tasting.. as the food actually served on your wedding day is extremely different. especially don't order kati rolls...
there are plenty or other great caterers bukhara, chaand palace to name a few. 
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