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Anyone have experience with Cambodian and Italian ( AMerican) Wedding?

Hi Everyone!

I am Cambodian and my FH is Italian. We are on a BUDGET!! I am trying to research/plan a Camodian wedding on Friday and do the church ceremony (Italian) on Saturday. It's giving me a headache already! I've only been to one Cambodian wedding as a guest but it's different when your in actually in the wedding.

Trying to find a venue that will accomodate both family foods (asian and italian) in the Boston, MA area.
Also, in Asian weddings beer and liquor are supplied BUT the western ways the guest has to pay for their own drinks..We don't want to have an open bar all night! Don't know this is going to work out!
Any tips would be appreciated!

Re: Anyone have experience with Cambodian and Italian ( AMerican) Wedding?

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    I suggest you take a look at venues in Lowell, Ma since there is a HUGE (2nd largest in the U.S) Cambodian population so you have more flexibility with your venue choice. You might be able to bring in a Italian caterer to serve Italian food for cocktail hour and Cambodian food for the dinner reception. I did "comfort American" fare for our cocktail hour followed by a traditional 7 course Cambodian/Chinese dinner. We had open bar all night although we supplied the liquor so it saved us money. You can always have open bar for cocktail and wine and beer only the rest of the night with a cash bar for other alcohol. As for Boston on a Budget - I don't think it is possible unless you are willing to look outside of the metro like Malden, Cambridge, Somerville, Quincy, ect.

    Have you looked at China Pearl (google for wedding pics on photog's blogs). 

    Also, regardless of Eastern or Western custom, open bar is dependent on the couple nowadays due to finances (budget). I've been to plenty of Cambodian weddings and most of them are not open bar. 

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