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groom changing clothes?

i am chinese and vietnamese and my FI is eastern european. we are going to do the tea ceremony where i will change into a red traditional chinese dress. i was wondering if my FI should change into a traditional outfit too. if you are doing a tea ceremony and changing is you FI changing too?

Re: groom changing clothes?

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    I'm Chinese and my FI is, uhm, white. hehe

    I let him decide if he wanted to wear the traditional outfit. He didn't want to. That's fine by me.

    I have a red dress that I'm going to wear at the reception. I haven't decided whether I'll wear the red or white dress at the tea ceremony though.
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    ... I'm Chinese from my mom's side and FI is PR.

    I'm also changing into a cheong sam for the tea ceremony. I told FI that he didn't have to change if he didn't want to... but he did. We actually gave that choice to the entire BP. They all wanted to take part of my customs. We're going to get generic ones for the BP and FI's and mine will be custom-made to our measurements.
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    FI and I are Vietnamese and I am going to wear an ao dai during the receiving line and cake cutting.  I was told by family and close friends that FI has the choice to wear an ao dai with me or stay in his tux.  It's up to him.  FI chose to change into an ao dai with me. :)
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