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brain dump some ideas on me Japanese Chinese Okinawan

I am Japanese Okinawan and Caucasian. My FI is Japanese Chinese.

I wanted to incorporate some Japanese and Chinese "things" into the overall theme of our wedding and I think it can be done since many of them overlap, but I also don't want to go full blown Asian.

I really want to stay away from cherry blossoms because a friend of mine used it as her theme (with a pink, magenta, and brown color scheme) in her recent wedding.  So I need something else.

I was thinking maybe crimson and gold? They seem to go with both Japanese and Chinese.

I was thinking maybe "lucky" bamboo centerpieces but I don't know if it will not look nice because its a totally different color or if it's not big enough for the table (round banquet table for 10).

Any other great ideas? 

TIA girls.
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Re: brain dump some ideas on me Japanese Chinese Okinawan

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    I personally like the lucky bamboo center piece idea.  But my friend already did that so I'll just do flowers myself.

    My FI is Korean and I'm Vietnamese.  So I'm doing our invitations with our countries' national flowers.  I'm also making the invitations with all three languages on them.  And besides the traditional tea ceremony, I don't think I'll be incorporating too much Asian themed things. 

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    I'm full Okinawan (yay uchinanchu!) and my fiance's half Japanese, half Okinawan.  It'd be cool if we incorporated some kind of Asian theme, but haven't thought of one yet.

    There are some similarities between Chinese and Okinawan cultures.  I don't know if you'd be interested in having "Shisas" (the lions/dragons) incorporated somehow.
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    my FI is Japanese I am African American. So far... I am going to wear a kimono made from African print fabric, we are doing the traditional drinking of sake during the ceremony, giving Japanese sandal wood fans to the ladies and African straw fans to the guys. For escort cards we are printing out cards, about 2x3, with an amazing image of sumo getting ready for their matches, on the other side will be guest names with table numbers. The table markers will be hand prints in orange with numbers painted in black ink over the hand. The escort cards are going to be set in a round bamboo tray filled with sand to symbolize the sumo ring. we are having a mix of Japanese, American, and Jamaican food. We will have forks and chop stick at each place setting as well. The yard will be decorated with paper lanterns in white and orange. 

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