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Traditional Korean gourd for ceremony

Does anyone know where to find a gourd for this korean tradition?

A Gourd of Wine
The traditional Korean wedding is held at the bride's family home. Vows are taken in a ceremony called kunbere: Bride and groom bow to each other and seal their vow by sipping a special wine poured into a gourd grown by the bride's mother.

They need to be made from one gourd (split in half) for the bride and groom to drink from. 

Re: Traditional Korean gourd for ceremony

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    Does anyone know if there cermic gourds or if in a more modern wedding something else can be used? I am half Korean and would like to incorporate aspects of a traditional wedding into our ceremony. Thanks, kim
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    They are real gourds that are cut in half. Not many brides use these in modern weddings now but they are so hard to find anywhere!!
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    I just bought two off eBay!! They're the real thing, flying in from Korea!!  I'm 100% Korean and my fiance is 100% Irish, so we are doing an Irish blessing, than the traditional Korean 'wine' ceremony as described above.  Good luck!!
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