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Has anyone ever ordered anything off of here?

I can't seem to find any website reviews or confirm if they are legit or trustworthy.



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    I always check the domain of these new start up companies:

    - This site tells me that it can't deem the website you mentioned as "family safe"
    - This site says that this domain was created 2 years ago, and doesn't have a high value, there aren't too many users clicking their website daily!
    - Looking at the website, it is ridden with spelling and grammar mistakes.
    - Their pay system, isn't secure, it comes up with errors!! RED FLAG! (both internet explorer, and firefox, latest versions)

    I wouldn't buy on this site, their pay system is sketchy at best, and you are setting yourself up for disaster if you have a credit card number, and give them your info, it could be easily hacked, and there is no encryption to protect you, the buyer!!

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    Looks bad.  Stay away.
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    Thank you for that information! VERY helpful
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    I plan on getting some things from there. They use paypal so I figure they are pretty safe. I have heard from another site that some of the material is thin.
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    I just bought 2 cheongsams from them and am very very pleased with what I received. They even made my mother's cheongsam in a different fabric that I had requested at no additional charge. The only part of the process that worried me is that the link they gave me to track my package did not work but it arrived in the 5 days they said it would.
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