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Incorporating Unique Culture Tastefully...

I am from the US and my FI is from Uzbekistan (some consider it Wester Asia, others consider it Eastern Europe, either way, it's former Soviet Union).  I really want to get some ideas on how to incorporate some of his traditions into the wedding to honor his culture, but I don't want it to be too "in your face" because the VAST majority of the guests are not Uzbek (maybe 15 out of 200).  Anybody familiar with this culture and their wedding traditions or does anyone have any ideas on some ways to include some elements of his culture? :)

Thanks for your ideas!

Re: Incorporating Unique Culture Tastefully...

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    I think a good starting point would be asking your FI what traditions his family has or that he has seen at other Uzbek weddings, then asking him if he wants to include any of them.
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    Also, you can ask his family - FMIL, FFIL what customs are meaningful to them as well.

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