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I was wondering does anyone know of a good place to get a Qipao and an Aodai in the Baltimore area? Or can you recommend a website?

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    I couldn't find one in the DC/Baltimore area. You could go up to NYC to get it there as there are plenty of shops that have it or can custom make it or simply order it online. I'm ordering mine from since they can custom make it to my size and save me the trip plus it's cheaper. It is a bit of gamble but saving a few hundred dollars are worth the gamble for me. Good luck!

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    Thanks a lot you are the second person to recommend them! Sorry it took me to long to get back to thank you.
  • Hi there!  I realize this is a long time ago for you, however I want to find out if you ordered the dress from the website from NY? This question goes to Amorza2 and smoopookie.

    How did it turn out?

    Thank you!

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