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Greek- Filipino Wedding

My godbrother (who is Greek) is marrying a girl who is originally from the Philippines.  They had a nice wedding according to her tradition in her home country and now they are planning on having a Greek wedding in the US.  I have been chosen to be their Greek sponsor.  In our tradition, the sponsor provides the wedding favors (as well as other things).  Our wedding favors usually consist of some kind of jordan almond presentation.  My question is 1. Is there a traditional Filipino favor that I can encorporate 2. Is there any Filipino style or inspired things I can encorporate.  3. Any other ideas that would make her feel more comfortable and encorporate her culture?

Re: Greek- Filipino Wedding

  • hi..
    that is so thoughtful of you to consider incorporating filipino touches on this greek wedding even if they already had a filipino wedding..
    my suggestion for the favors will be coffee grounds from batangas or what we call "kapeng barako" in filipino language.
    this is a popular wedding favors in filipino weddings since i think everyone in the philippines love to drink coffee.. the common presentation for this favor is putting it in a native bag (woven dried leaves) or wrapping it with woven abaca or sinamay fabric.. ehehe..
    that's just my idea..
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