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Favorite cruise

Mostly for CMGr, but also anybody else who cruises a lot - what has been your favorite?  Which areas of the world do you prefer to see by boat and which by land?  I've started looking at cruises up to Norway, St. Petersburg, etc. - same with those to Turkey, Greece, etc.  I'm curious to hear which ones are particularly worthwhile!
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Re: Favorite cruise

  • alithebridealithebride
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    i can't choose just one-i liked them all for different reasons. i was amazingly disappointed in the one cruise on princess i took so i wont include that here.

    my mom and i took the QE2 from england back to NY in 2001. it was outstanding to go transatlantic on such an iconic oceanliner.

    i took my mom on a cruise in the s. caribbean for her birthday in 2011 which was great.

    2004 i think it was dh and i took a disney cruise as part of a land/sea package iwth them from disney world (stayed at polynesian our favorite) and then had the cruise to relax. we are gleefully childless and still had an awesome time on disney.

    dh and i and a group took a 12 night medit, in 2008 and loved it. coincidentally it was on the carnival splendor when it was brand new. that's the one that later blew it's engine out off of the west coast of mexico a few years ago.

    i'm looking forward to the one we're taking april 6th as well. it's a celebrity to the southern caribbean. i'm excited to try a new line (celebrity)as they seem to have upped the cuisine and wine lists compared to other lines. i'm a foodie and wino so it will be good to see.

    i hope that helps. if it matters i've been to russia not on a cruise and st petersburg is fantastic. my issue with that though is that you miss moscow. if you're going to go all that way see if you can hook yourselves up with a few days there first or after the cruise-it really is fab. 

    as far as my favorite areas to see by sea or land-it really doesn't matter to me. I can always go back to where ever to see it the other way. Example: if I went to san juan puerto rico on a cruise stop and really liked it i could always go back and spend time ther not on a cruise. the whole planet's like that as far as i'm concerned. if you really love stockholm (which is an AMAZING city by the way) and you're on a cruise keep in mind for your next vacation.


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