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is it realistic

is it posssible to do Bora Bora/moorea for 10 nights with a budget of 10,000 dollars?

we are trying to decide between french polynesia , hawaii, europe/beach towns, Aruba or Barbados  since our honeymoon will be during hurricane season.just trying to see if i should nix it due to budget.
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Re: is it realistic

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    For 10 nights....BoraBora/Moorea is probably out of your budget.  Room rates begin at 700/night and these aren't the overwater bungalows.  The flights alone will be half of your budget.  I think you will have better luck with Hawaii...depending on the island and hotel you choose.  Hawaii is definitely doable if you rent a condo...there're some really nice ones on vrbo.com.  If you're worried about hurricanes and the Caribbean, I think you would be safe with Aruba.  Aruba is situated in an area that seldom gets hit by hurricanes.  It has some nice beaches and great restaurants.  With your budget you can definitely pamper yourselves in Aruba.
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    I have been to the islands many times with a variety of different budgets. I'm not sure what part of the fall you are looking to travel in, but if it's August/September, Moorea and Bora Bora will be at their highest price point. However, it is doable if you don't stay at the fanciest resorts in the highest room categories. If you want the higher end rooms and properties, I recommend keeping it closer to 7 nights. I would definitely consider a garden bungalow on Moorea. Some of the more value minded resorts on Bora Bora include the Sofitel Bora Bora Beach Resort, InterContinental Le Moana, or Le MaiTai. You could also look into a standard OWB at the Pearl or the Nui. Another thing that I have done is split my time- 2-3 nights in a beach bungalow and 2-3 nights in an OWB. you can also consider non-OWBs. The Sofitel Private Island has awesome lagoon bungalows that sit up on a cliff and the Hilton Nui has hillside bungalows that are perched on a hill and have an amazing view of the lagoon. Another tip is to not split your stay 5/5. Look at doing 6 nights on Moorea and 4 on Bora Bora. Moorea is MUCH less expensive. the pp is right in that $10K will go much further in Hawaii, but it is doable if you know the right tricks and are willing to be flexible. While airfare to Hawaii may be $900pp and another $200 for interisland air, you're looking at $1200-1400pp for air to Tahiti from LAX, another $300pp for air to LAX, and another $300pp in interisland airfare. Hope that helps!


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    I'd consider Aruba. You could *really* pamper yourselfs there. Stay the 10 nights, get a suite at the Hyatt, and go all out :)
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    We are doing 2 weeks in the late fall split between Moorea in a garden bungalow and Bora Bora in an overwater bungalow.  We also have breakfast included everyday and dinner included in Bora Bora.  With all flights, we spent a little over 12k.  We obviously plan to spend more with other meals/excursions while there, but I think if you're flexible in the time of travel/room accomodations/islands.....your budget is definitely doable!

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    i didnt care for aruba much. i highly recommend curacao-it's sister island. Much more of an individual feel, far better snorkeling and diving etc...
    barbados is nice as well.
    in august a lot of people in europe go on vacay so the beaches are super crowded-never mind it's high season there.
    have you spoken to a TA or priced out places online to see if they'll fit your budget?


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    Thanks for all of the resonses!! i am thinking  i should find a travel agent and compare prices of the places!!! thanks so much everyone!
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