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My fiance and I are in what feels like the never-ending HM decision making cycle. Our ideas have been all over the map from the Cook Islands and NZ to Hawaii to Costa Rica. Our favorite idea so far is Belize or Playa Del Carmen, Mexico because airfare is WAY cheaper than NZ, but we are fearful b/c of the warnings about hurricane season. Has anyone traveled to this area during August? Is it really a risk (I am not much of a risk taker) or not and how is the weather overall? Any advice or thoughts are much appreciated thanks ladies!

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    while i have not been to playa del carmen during hurricane season, i too am planning a honeymoon there is sept. (right in the middle of hurricane season!).  My friend went last year during that time and said the weather was perfect and that there were no tourists there because of the fear for bad weather.  she has a home down there and she said she gets hit by a hurricane once every few years and that is it.  however, i am taking her advice with a grain of salt and getting trip insurance, so in case there is awful weather while we are down there, we will be covered for another trip in the future.  good luck!
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    If you travel to an area and it's hurricane season you MUST accept the fact that one can hit while you're there-regardless of a friend being there last year with great weather. Weather is unpredictable.
    ive been all over the caribbean during hurricane season and thankfully (knock on wood) have never had an issue.
    if you're nervous get yourself some good trip insurance that covers you for weather related cancellation/interruption. i've used insuremytrip.com for years and love the ability to compare policies from different companies side by side.


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    Honestly, if you are traveling to a place that has hurricanes during hurricane season you must simply accept the fact that a hurricane may hit before you leave, while you are there, or when you are trying to go home.  That's just part of the risk you take booking a vacation to that location during the season.  It doesn't matter if your sister, your friend, our friends, our us ourselves have been caught in one or not; it is a possibility.  If you can't deal with that then you need to travel to somewhere that doesn't carry that risk.

    As pp suggested above, get good trip insurance or don't go during hurricane season. 

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    We visited Jamaica in October during hurricane season. We didn't get any horrible weather, but there was some rain and a few windy days. We were there for two weeks, though, so the weather didn't disrupt us much.

    Reality sunk in when there was warning about a tropical storm off the coast. You don't realize that you are essentially stuck braving the elements in an unfamiliar place until you hear news like that. Thankfully, the storm skirted us, but still - it was a tense few days while we watched its progress. Keep things like that in mind. Choose destinations as far out of the hurricane belt as you can, and buy trip insurance regardless of how many "don't worry" stories you hear!
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    We're stuck between Belize and Honduras right now... One big reason why we were looking there is that it's in the back of the Caribbean.  By the time any rain normally gets back there, the majority of the hurricane has hit land.

    So, similar locations, and me trying to talk myself out of worrying about it.  I figure, I'm going to go where I want, the diving is going to be great, or the resort will be underwater... and the diving will still be great.

    But trip insurance is a must.
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