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Cozumel vs. Riviera Maya

Which one did you chose and why? If you've already been to either, what did you think? I'm looking for more of a relaxed resort where I can just lay on the beach all day without too much noise, but then be able to enjoy some nightlife as well. Suggestions?

Re: Cozumel vs. Riviera Maya

  • i have been to both.  both are fun and different.  i felt like cozumel was less resorty but also had all of the cruise ships going to it.  the RM (at least playa del carmen) has more resorts but no cruise ships.  we chose playa del carmen for our honeymoon but plan on taking the ferry over to cozumel one day.  i think you will be happy at either one :)
  • We chose Riviera Maya and are planning to take a boat across to Cozumel one of the days we are there. More resorts and things to do in Maya.
  • I've been to Cozumel. It is very laid back and quiet. We spent almost all of our time at the resort snorkeling and stuffing our faces. We even got to see dolphins swimming by one night! There are cruise ships going past, like others have said, but it's not like they dock at your hotel. The closer you are to San Miguel, the more you have to deal with the cruisers. We enjoyed going to the ruins on the island. They are not nearly as grand as those on the mainland, but we hardly saw any other tourists and could explore all we wanted. Go to Cozumel if you want to do a lot of tanning, snorkleing, and having lazy days.
  • I've been to both and I recommend Riviera Maya. The beaches are much nicer there and things are cheaper. In Cozumel the prices rise when a cruise ship comes. Cozumel has very good scuba diving, but to be honest there wasn't much else on the island to do. I ended up taking the boat over to Playa Del Carmen a few times in the week I was in Cozumel and that isn't exactly cheap.
  • We loved the RM area and like the pp we took the ferry across to Cozumel and rented a jeep and toured the island. It was nice going over for the day but we liked the RM area (El Dorado Royale) it was a bit more upscale and we loved having Playa del Carmen near us. We felt we had plenty of nightlife and plenty to do.
  • My vote would be for the Riviera Maya. If I were you, I would check out Secrets Capri. Secrets Capri is a fabulous adult’s only all-inclusive that sits on a great beach. The resort is extremely intimate with just under 300 rooms and plenty of places to lounge in the sun all day long. They also have great nighttime entertainment like live shows and music.  I would definitely look into this resort. The service is also top notch as is the food. I can honestly say it was one of the best I’ve experienced at an all-inclusive. I think it would be perfect place for your honeymoon! Good luck with your decision!

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