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Need Help With All Inclusive and Swim with Dolphins

So a little back story...  Originally FI and I were going to do a cruise to the Carribean...  Money changed and we now want to do an All Inclusive.  We have no clue where we want to go.  I just know that swimming with the dolphins is a must.  Would prefer without kids.  TIA
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Re: Need Help With All Inclusive and Swim with Dolphins

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    Typically, cruises are less expensive than an all inclusive. What is your budget?


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    i agree with CMG although there are a few places that take stellar care of the dolphins and make their health and safety #1.

    depending on what time of year and for how long you want to go 1000-1500 per person wont get you all taht far wtih a great AI and airfare. (for example-700/person for airfare-i'm just using that as a round #- is 1400. you only have 1600 left for the hotel/everything else. while it might seem like a lot many of the really good adult only AIs are over 250-300 a night per person. so that doesn't leave you with much).  if you're planning mid-may i wouldn't really worry about kids that much since there's no school holiday mid-may.


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    Try playing with some places on AllInclusiveOutlet.com and it will give you pricing from your direct city and to different regions. It is a good site to price things out. Also try talking to a local travel agent. We went to Mexico a couple years ago for around 2k but we didn't stay at an Adults Only. It was during the school year so there were no kids on the resort anyway.


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    You totally need to check out the Dominican Republic. Went there and had the best and most relxing vacation ever. While there are kids there, I didnt really see them. They have swimming with the dophin packages, awsome beaches, amazing reasurants! When you go to the site, make sure you let them know that Kathleen sent you.
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    Kathleen- please read the rules of this board. No vendors allowed.


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    Preface: I'm not a vendor, and have no relation to the website I used soooo... don't think this is spam!

    We did an AI for our HM last November because I had stressed about budgeting money for the wedding and I wanted to be able to relax on the HM without worrying about costs.

    We used bookit.com and it cost us $3,400 for:

    - Roundtrip airfare to Cancun
    - 7 days, 6 nights at The Palace resort (all meals and drinks included)
    - Swimming with dolphins at Wet N Wild Cancun Dolphinaris 
    - Parasailing
    - Transportation and tour of Chichen Itza (Mayan ruins)
    - Lobster dinner on the beach
    - Couples massage
    - Travel insurance

    I truly think it was a great deal. The resort was good... I could tell it wasn't "OMG AMAZING" but DH and I aren't hard to please, and it was our HM so we were going to enjoy it no matter what. Besides, we loved have a jacuzzi inside our hotel room next to the bed! 

    Hope that helped!
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    I honestly don't understand why a lot of people feel the need to impose their personal opinions on other people...she did not ask anyone what their opinions about swimming with dolphins..if you don't want to do it, then don't but no one cares about your opinions or feeling...if you cant answer the question she had..DON'T RESPOND
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