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Name Change/Passport timing

The honeymoon is 5 months after the wedding. Is that enough time for me to change my name? 

We're booking our trip through a travel agent and just put down a deposit. Final payment is due ~2 months before the trip. Everything is in my maiden name... even if I have enough time to get my name changed, is there a way to get the name on the ticket changed?

Waiting 5 months seems a little long, but maybe it's a safer option?

Re: Name Change/Passport timing

  • Your passport must match your tickets, so if you've already booked everything in your maiden name, I'd wait to change your passport until afterwards as most places charge a pretty substantial fee to change information on booked tickets. 

    If you hadn't already booked your tickets, then I'd say go ahead and change your name because 5 months is plenty of time, but at this point, it's more hassle to try to change your tickets.  I've been married 4.5 months and I literally am just getting my passport name change in the mail today, so 5 months is fine.
  • 5 months is plenty of time to change your name, but ditto PP - it might be a huge hassle to change the name on the tickets.

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  • I would just wait to change your name until after your honeymoon.

    Changing your name may seem like all happy butterflies and chocolate candy now but it is a pain in the butt.  You just don't realize how much stuff your name is on until you start changing it.  Also, make a crap load of copies of your marriage license because anyone and everyone will want one when you change your name.

  • For piece of mind, I'd keep maiden name.

    However, you really will probably have plenty of time to get a married name passport isssued.  I applied for my new married name passport and it took just 9 business days to receive the new one (this was in January when things are slow)

  • since you've already booked in your maiden name  you CANT travel with your passport showing a married name as they dont match.

    keep all in maiden name (passport and tickets and if you plan on renting a car your drivers license) adn then change them when you return from HM. 


  • A passport in my new married name took seven weeks.   I had to legally change my name with social security first.  That took two weeks.  
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