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Down to last three choices--has anyone been there?

After much deliberating and trying to save,we have to make the final honeymoon decision. Our total budget is $6500 and our travel agent has narrowed down three places for around $5500 including airfare and transportation, accomodations, etc. It's so hard to decide from pictures. Who knows these places?

Akumal in Mexico --VillasLas Vigas http://www.villasofmexico.com/search/35
Puerto Vallarta in Mexico-- a condo http://www.villasofmexico.com/search/83
Turks and Caicos-- the Sands at Grace Bay http://www.thesandsresort.com/the-resort/accommodations/

I've heard T&C is pricey in general foreating out and doing things,and the resort is less privet than the indiv hut we'd get in Akumal. But, the beaches look so awesome. Opinions please!!!

Re: Down to last three choices--has anyone been there?

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    i'm not sure which place you're thinking of in akumal but i suggest that you rent a car or arrange transportation for day trips. it's not the closest to a lot of stuff and it can be a long ride......


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    I think your three choices are very different. Although I have not been to any of them I think it would be better of you and your future husband to decide on a location first before choosing a resort. It depends on what you want to do and what you are looking at. But those three resorts are in completely different areas and have different positives and negatives of the areas.

    What are you two looking for? And is there a reason those three were specifically chosen?


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    turks and caicos! must do! we went there in july and it was so clean and perfect and safe! 

    we are going back for our honeymoon in may!

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    We have been engaged for almost 2 years and been thinking about this for a loooong time. I got tired of looking because every place started to look the same and I felt like I would enjoy going anywhere, so I turned it over to my fiance' to surprise me. But, he could decide. We hired a travel agent to find something in our $5000 budget, and these are the three he came up we. Basically, we are looking for a beautiful beach, not a lot of crowds, kitchen to cook many of our own meals. Akumal gives us more rocks than beach right out our view, but it is an ocean view and we have our own private bungalow. Drawback is that it's Mexico, which doesn't excite me as much. Turks and Caicos wouldonly have a garden view, but further distance. Drawback is being in a more "tourist" local and everything being so expensive. The third place is on the beach, but a condo. Basically, this seems all our agent came offer us for our budget. Because we live in Marquette, MI flights are going to be pricey. I really wanted to go to Grenada, but I guess when all the taxes were added up it was too much. I really wish we could go fauther, have a private hut, and beautiful beach.
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    we are doing an all inclusive in provo, tci in may for 5000$ for 7 days - so its totally do able! 
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