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Hawaii Honeymoon?

So.. this my very first post Laughing. But my FI and I just got enaged in March and we are getting married Oct. 20, 2012.. Crazy soon and stressful with not much time on our hands.  We want to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon. Just wanted some ideas of where to go or what company to go through? Also, are there any good all inclusive resorts we should check into? Thanks for all your help!

Re: Hawaii Honeymoon?

  • Welcome! There are no all inclusives in Hawaii. Have you tried the search function at the bottom of this page? There are a ton of excellent Hawaii posts from the recent past. A lot will depend on budget and what type of experience you want, but a lot of the girls on here (myself included) have been to the islands and can offer assistance if you narrow things down a bit (budget, length of stay, what type of activities, etc.)


  • Agree with the PP--research what island(s) you want to visit first.  We went to Maui and I have a review and pics in my bio.
  • What ever island you pick, pick up the Hawaii Revealed book for that island.  This guidebook helped us to find some great out of the way places on Maui and the Big Island. 
  • I think Maui is the best island to visit -- not as crowded as Oahu but still with cities for shopping and restaurants.  I felt resort-bound on Hawaii, Lanai and Kauai.

    Ditto the Revealed series. 
  • Thank you for all of your great information! I am new to this site and all of your information has been great. I believe we are leaning on going to Maui. I live in Iowa and have a feeling our most expensive thing would be the flight.. If any of you have went what would be a budget that we could plan on so we could start saving for this?

  • We just got back from our honeymoon in Kauai. It was absolutely amazing! We rented a beach front condo and did activities every day. We hiked went swimming in waterfalls, kayaked, snorkeled. The restaurants we went to were great also.
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