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Advice please!

FI and I are using FMIL's timeshare for our HM. We've been on the list for 3 different resorts on St. Lucia since December and last month added a few other resorts on different islands to increase our chances of something opening up for us. Well, today we got an opening. Not on St. Lucia - it's for a resort on Antigua (St. James Club). We have to decide by tonight whether we want to take it or not.

So, do we take the resort in Antigua that has a decent recommendation rate on Tripadvisor, has some excursions that we're interested in doing (golf, zipline, off shore stuff) but flights are over $600 per person.

Or, do we pass on this and wait for something else...hopefully. The other islands we picked have cheaper flights. I think all the resorts we picked are fairly comparable.

I feel like this should be an easy decision (I'm sure we'll end up booking this resort) but I think it's just the fact that we only have a few hours to make this large decision that is causing all the stress!

Anyone have some advice or Antigua reviews?
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Re: Advice please!

  • Antigua has gorgeous beaches. Its known as one of the sunniest islands of the Eastern Caribbean. My best friend has gone there numerous times and loves it. It was one of my choices for a honeymoon and so was St. Lucia. I think you have more mountains in St. Lucia than Antigua but you still have some. 

    I tend to believe your honeymoon is more about what you make of it so I think you would have a great time anywhere but if it makes you less stressed to have it booked go for Antigua, if not wait it out.

    Also, have you checked flights for St. Lucia. Last time I did they were around that price as well.

    Good luck making the decision :)
  • I agree with doc, price out flights for both Antigua and St. Lucia and see if there's a noticeable difference. If not, go for it. You'll have fun no matter what island you're on.
  • St. Lucia flights are the same price....for reference that is what we paid out of Chicago. The problem is there is no easy way to get there. We are connecting through San Juan on the outbound and Miami on the return. Antigua has GORGEOUS beaches so don't feel like you are taking too much of a chance heading there. I think you will be happy with your decision.
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