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Price Watching on Southwest / Yapta (Non Honeymoon Travel)

Long story short, I heard about Yapta from someone on this board and I love it. It's great. I had been watching airfare for our trip to DC/Atlanta this fall and got it pretty cheap one day when they emailed me a significant drop. Love it!

Problem is, we are planning a trip for Las Vegas in April and I want to start watching it but they don't have Southwest flights on Yapta. Is there another website or some way to get updates/notifications on price drops through Southwest. The reason we want to fly Southwest is because it is the only airline that has nonstop flights from Omaha to Las Vegas. Any ideas from my other travelers on here would help! Thanks ladies!


Re: Price Watching on Southwest / Yapta (Non Honeymoon Travel)

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    You can use yapta. It's hard to explain. Find your flight on southwests site. Go to yapta and create a trip with a fake flight to track,just use something close to what you want. Once the trip has been created you can go in and add a flight to track. Put in the info for your southwest flights. Now you should be able to delete the fake flight but still keep the real flight. You could also just do a google search for airfare trackers. I know a big one is airfare watchdog although, i have never used it.
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    That's good to know monkey!

    OP- I love Yapta as well!
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