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Island Honeymoon?

Alright- I'm sure this post has been done about a million times. We're looking for an island honeymoon that's mid-priced or that we can get a great deal on. Airfare isn't an issue- we'll fly for free. So basically we're just looking for a great inclusive island to go to that isn't super overpriced. Also, is it more expensive to use a travel agent? Still debating... Thanks guys!!

Re: Island Honeymoon?

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    The bahamas are really nice.  You don't pay to use a travel agent.  You can look up info on Expedia or whatever and then go to the travel agent to see if there's any difference in the prices quoted.  
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    It is not more expensive to use a travel agent in general.  However, when we were booking our honeymoon (Costa Rica) we ended up not going through the travel agent we were talking to because they weren't able to offer us some deals/special offers that we could get by booking directly through the resorts.  We asked them, because we wanted to give him our business, but when he found out the prices we saw he understood that we would save a ton by not using him.

    I like using a travel agent for the resources they are able to provide--sometimes makes things a little easier.
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    Look into Bermuda, which is in the Atlantic about the same latitude as NJ (I think). British ruled, and while I don't know if they have all inclusives, it might be cheaper.
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